SJM Cultural Resource Services is a small firm that provides a range of services including

  • Cultural resource identification, evaluation, and documentation
  • Local, state, and National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) nominations
  • Intensive- and reconnaissance-level historic resource surveys
  • SEPA and NHPA Section 106 compliance and documentation
  • Historical research and writing

Below is a list of projects, feature writing pieces, and published materials to illustrate the firm’s depth of experience. 


Owyhee Motorcycle Club, Boise, ID. NRHP Nomination, 2021-present
Vasa Hall, Preston, WA. King County Landmark Nomination, 2021-present
Seattle Pet Cemetery, Kent, WA. King County Landmark Nomination, 2021-present
SBH Synagogue / Tolliver Temple, City of Seattle Landmark Nomination, 2021-present
Buckner House, Boise, ID. NRHP Nomination, 2021-present
Bethel Baptist Church, Pocatello, ID. NRHP Nomination, 2021-present
Swanson House, Redmond, OR. NRHP Nomination, 2021-present
Historic Residential Resources of Redmond MPD. City of Redmond, OR. 2020-present
Surrey Downs Neighborhood, Bellevue, WA. RLS Survey with NWV, 2021
The Center for Wooden Boats. City of Seattle Landmark Nomination, 2020-2021
Wagner Floating Home. City of Seattle Landmark Nomination, 2020-2021
W.D. Gibbon General Store. City of Maple Valley Landmark Nomination, 2020
Seattle Florence Crittenton Home. City of Seattle Landmark Nomination, 2020
Robbins House, Boise, ID. NRHP Nomination. 2019-2020
Greenwood School, Hazelton, ID. NRHP Nomination. 2019-2020
NASA’s Lunar Roving Vehicles. City of Kent. WA Heritage Register. 2018-2020
Fort Nisqually Living History Museum, Tacoma. Reconnaissance survey & report. 2019
Ronnei-Raum House, Fall City, WA. King County Landmark Nomination. 2019
Herald Building, Enumclaw, WA. Recon-level survey for SEPA mitigation. 2019
Surrey Building, Bellevue, WA. Intensive-level survey for Section 106 mitigation. 2019
Issaquah Auto Freight Co. Bldg. City of Issaquah Landmark Nomination. 2018
Gilman Town Hall & Jail. City of Issaquah Landmark Nomination. 2017-2018
Buchanan House. City of Kirkland Landmark Nomination. 2017-2018
Boeing Airplane Company Building. City of Tukwila Landmark Nomination. 2017-2018
Redmond (Oregon) Downtown Historic District. NRHP Nomination. 2016-2017
St. Edward Seminary. City of Kenmore Landmark Nomination. 2016-2018
Campbell Building.  City of Seattle Landmark Nomination.  2016-2017
Crescent-Hamm Building.  City of Seattle Landmark Nomination.  2016-2017
Newell-Johnson-Searle House. NRHP Nomination. Oskaloosa, KS. 2016-2017
Gibson Funeral Home, Boise, ID. History Narrative for Section 106 Mitigation. 2016
Reconnaissance-level Physical Descriptions of 27 Cabins. U.S. Forest Service. 2016
Records Management Plan.  UW Office of Advancement, Gift Services. 2016
National Register Review and Consultation. Kansas Historical Society. 2006-2015

Temple Cemetery. NRHP Nomination. Nashville, TN. 2004
St. Paul’s AME Church. NRHP Nomination. Fayetteville, TN. 2003
Trail of Tears National Historic Trail Cost-Share Challenge Project. 2002-2003
Matt Gardner Homestead Preservation Plan.  Giles County, TN.  2003
Preservation Plan for Rest Hill Cemetery. Lebanon, TN. 2002


Biographical summary of Victor W. Voorhees (1876-1970), Seattle-based architect, 2017
Contributions to Atlas Obscura, a collaborative website telling stories of the world’s “wondrous and curious” places:


Regular contributor to Kansas Preservation, a quarterly publication of the Kansas State Historic Preservation Office, 2006-2015.

Martin, Sarah J. Review of Remembering Roadside America: Preserving the Recent Past as Landscape and Place, by John A. Jakle and Keith A. Sculle. Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains 35, 3 (Autumn 2012): 214.

Martin, Sarah J. Review of A Cherokee Woman’s America: Memoirs of Narcissa Owen, 1831-1907, edited by Karen L. Kilcup. Tennessee Historical Quarterly 66, 4 (Winter 2007): 376-377.

Martin, Sarah J. “Preserving Chattanooga’s ‘Sacred Acre’: The Daughters of the American Revolution and Brainerd Mission Cemetery,” Border States: Journal of the Kentucky-Tennessee American Studies Association 15 (Spring 2005): 25-35.

Martin, Sarah Jackson. “Shaping History, Constructing Culture: The Daughters of the American Revolution and the Transformation of Chattanooga’s Brainerd Mission Cemetery.” Master’s Thesis, Middle Tennessee State University, 2004. Adviser: Carroll Van West.

Old House Series, Nashville Metro Historical Commission (2003). As a graduate student intern, I produced a series of brochures designed to acquaint the public with common house styles in Nashville, Tennessee. The brochures are still used today and include: